Sunday, August 17, 2008

Readers Rate Shampoo

Readers rate shampoo

The Green Guide surveyed web site visitors who've used the following eco-friendly brands of shampoo, to see how they found they performed when compared to conventional brands they've used. (Links suggest brand-specific gifts)

•Aubrey Organics
Jason Natural
Kiss My Face
Nature's Gate

Here's what they learned from over 800 respondents:

1. Aveda is the most popular brand of eco-friendly shampoo among respondents, followed by Aubrey Organics and Avalon Organics.
2. In general, respondents feel that these eco-friendly shampoos perform the same as conventional brands (with the exception of Aveda, which respondents say performs better).
3. An overwhelming majority of respondents who use eco-friendly shampoos say that these shampoos don’t leave behind any residue or film that is difficult to rinse out.
4. Most respondents like the smell of these eco-friendly brands of shampoo.
5. The majority of respondents say they have to use the same amount of eco-friendly shampoo (as compared to a conventional brand) to get the clean they want.
6. More than half of respondents who’ve used Aubrey, Avalon and Aveda prefer it over another natural or conventional brand.

What do you find that works? Add your comments below.

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