Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Eco-Friendly Toys Go Big
By Heather Strang
Love it! Wouldn't it be grand if more retailers joined forces with smaller, conscious-oriented manufacturers? Are you familiar with the benefits of eco-friendly toys? Leave your comments here. --Heather Strang.
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Comment on Thinking Green: Game controllers should go eco-friendly ...
By South_park300
there will always be people caring for the environment, but “going green” is a fad.
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Eco-Friendly Bags with LOGO! New Low Price
Eco-Friendly Bags with logo as low as $1.74!!! Visit for more info. Promote Products & Services 888.830.59451 Full Post | Comments By Promote Products & Services.
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David Babaii for WildAid: An Eco-Friendly Hair Care Line
By BeautyChat(BeautyChat)
... was teaming up with well-known hair stylist David Babaii to create an eco-friendly hair car line, I just had to put it on my list of must haves! WildAid Hair Care Products and styling t... Read and post comments | Send to a friend.
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Sakroots' "Eco-Harmony" collection: Beautifying the planet, one ...
By Bruce Watson
Between their beautiful construction, eco-friendly ethos, and reasonable ($39-$129) price tag, the SakRoots collection should certainly fill the bill! Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments.
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