Thursday, August 7, 2008

Google-Searched Green Blog Posts for Aug 7, 2008

Bedol Introduces Eco-Friendly Clock That Operates With Only Water ...
By Bill Landon(
No much in the way of details but according the info you add a dash of salt in the water is all that’s needed for the clock to harvest energy and operate. From the website: This new clock has a set of metal electrodes inside that ...
PDAToday a PDA and gadget blog -

Comment on The BS-1 by Ken
By Ken
He’ll solve the no-bio-fuel-distribution problem by trucking in his own. That’ll be eco-friendly, right?
Comments for Neptunus Lex -

Gaming Goes Green
By Rigel Gregg
EGM Green is now offering what they tout as the first ever 100% eco-friendly line of casino gaming products. The main attraction is their line of gaming tables (like the poker table shown above) plus they also make seating for tables ...
Luxist -

Lotus' Safe and Sound technology gives hybrids a voice
By Darren Murph
in order to show off its "Safe and Sound" technology (video after the break), which integrates a speaker setup just behind the front bumper in order to alert pedestrians just before they're mangled by an ultra-green, eco-friendly ...
Engadget -

Green vacation ideas and tips
By Gail
Have you taken steps toward a greener summer vacation this year? Got plans for an upcoming eco-friendly holiday? We want to hear your ideas and tips! Share your comments here.
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