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Google-Searched Green Blog Posts for Aug 10, 2008

Comment on 5 Green And Eco-Friendly Gadgets by Pays to live green
By Pays to live green
I agree with eco-friendly guy that currently electric cars may not truly be eco-friendly. The hope is that as more sustainable sources of energy like wind and solar begin to be used, electric can truly be environmentally friendly. ...
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Comment on Trendy and Eco-friendly Konawicz Chairs by Pays to live ...
By Pays to live green
This is the way to go. Recycling is great when you have to use something that cannot be bio-degradable, but should be avoided otherwise. It’s great to see new products being made much more eco-friendly and not needing to be recycled.
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Comment on Top 10 Eco-Friendly and Green Gadgets! by Pays to live ...
By Pays to live green
I want to get a solar roof when I decide to buy a house. The one you have pictured is very discreet and looks pretty cool and they save tons on the energy bill.
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BenQ ships eco-friendly 16:9 computer monitors
BenQ has announced the launch of two new eco-friendly computer monitors, each of which uses 16:9 resolutions equal to the most popular 720p HDTVs. The E900HD and the simpler G900HD are both 18.5 inches and have 1366x768 720p resolution. ...
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"In video: How Not to Live Your Life" by Karen
Geri - the GO, eco friendly, brill, they'd need a lot of pics to heat Buck House - shall we offer to go put the pics up - of course we'd need to take more pics of the subject himself to make sure there's enough!!! You up for it!!??
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